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The stories on this page may contain explicit M/M sexual situations and adult language. In addition to that, due to the nature of the show, my Oz fics are likely to contain references to graphic violence, non-consensual situations and various other adult themes. I will be adding warnings to the individual stories, but at the moment those are not complete, so please use your own best judgment when choosing what to read.

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23 Leroy Street (WIP)
Beecher/Keller | AU | NC-17 | In Progress
Keller was never sent to Oz; Toby has just been released. Fate steps in.
A Certain Slant of Light
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2007
Set immediately after Ronnie dies. Written for the 2007 Oz Magi fic exchange.
Five Times Beecher Never Cried
NC-17. | Warning: contains graphic violence and rape of the S1 Beecher/Schillinger variety.
Written for the "Five for Six" challenge at
Beecher/Keller | NC-17
Another way it might have gone after Beecher was released from the hospital in Season 3. Written for the 2005 Oz Magi.
As Good as it Gets
Alvarez/Torquemada | NC-17
So w
hen he wanted to kiss me, I stood there and let him. For the 2005 Oz Magi.
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2005
“Ronald Barlog is dead,” Taylor says.
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2004
New Year's Eve. <3
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2004.
Chris learned a lot from going to church. For the 2004
Oz Magi.

Throwing Stones 
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2005
Watching Chris isn’t optional at all.
Last Time
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2004
In my little world, Toby and Chris got a few moments alone together before Beecher was paroled.
Death Becomes Him
Rated R for violent themes and for being generally disturbing. | 2003
Post "Exeunt Omnes," Toby goes cuckoo. Written for the OZ Lyric Wheel.
Keeping Time
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2003
A paroled Beecher visits Chris on Death Row.
Beecher/Keller | PG-13 | 2002
My take on the Death Row kiss from "Impotence"
Graven Image
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2002
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Keller returns to Oz, and finds that Toby is not the man he knew.
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Ousted from Beecher's pod during Operation Andy, Keller's got too much time to think.
It Could Happen!
Beecher/Keller | Humor | 2001
My lighthearted response to the "Season 5 Scene You'd Most Like To See" challenge.
First Time for Everything
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
New Year."
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
A missing scene fic. Set during "Works of Mercy."
Toby Maguire
Beecher/Keller | Humor | 2001
No excuses; this is just me being downright silly.
What Comes After
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Toby visits Chris in Cedar Junction.  Written for the 2nd Oz Lyric Wheel.
The Smallest Part
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2001
Post-CLaK, and we're all feeling sappy.
In Love or War
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2000
Response to the TS's "Play God in Oz" challenge. Father Ray asks Chris to intercede with Slutty!Beecher, and for some reason, Chris decides to give it a try.
That was Then
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2000
The challenge was to get B/K back together despite how things were left at the end of Season 4. 
Matches and Knives
Beecher ruminations, circa "A Word to the Wise." | 2000
Night Visions (Toby) and Night Visions (Chris)
Beecher/Keller | NC-17 | 2000
Aww, my very first Oz fics!  Set vaguely post-"You Bet Your Life."


Oz Poetry
Yep, I have some of this too.


A Perfect Match
Sheppard/McKay | PG-13 | December 2010
Looking up, John noticed the fake mistletoe - now glowing a cheerful, radiant red - at the same time Rodney did.
Sheppard/McKay | R | 2009
Episode tag for "The Last Man." 
Sneak Attack
Sheppard/McKay | PG-13 | 2008
A first kiss, yay! For mcsmooch.
Third Time's a Charm
Sheppard/McKay | PG-13 | 2008
Three kisses. Another contribution to mcsmooch.

Ten Times on the Pier
Sheppard/McKay | R | 2008
It feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Sheppard/McKay | PG-13 | 2007
"We should be having sex," John said conversationally.

Six Months
Sheppard/McKay | NC-17 | 2007
Tag for "Epiphany." 
Rodney tastes like coffee, sweet and bitter all at once, and if John had allowed himself, during those long months away, to imagine that this was ever going to happen again, this is exactly how it would have been.
The blackness of the space from which we came
Sheppard; Sheppard/OMC | PG-13 | 2007
My take on Sheppard's backstory

On a Clear Day
McShep Match 2007
Sheppard/McKay | NC-17 | December 2005
John's never been too sure of his place in the universe to begin with.

To Know You're Alive
Sheppard/McKay | NC-17 | November 2005
Post-Siege fallout.


The Tender Things That We Were Working On  (The Breakfast Club)
Bender/Brian | R | 2008.  Written for Yuletide.




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