Night Visions (Chris)


Originally posted to TS in October 2000
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: "You Bet Your Life."
Note: Part of a matched set. See Night Visions (Toby) for the other half. 

Night Visions (Chris)

"Toby, you crazy bitch. C'mere." 

I reach out my hand, glide it over his warm skin, anything to turn off those overactive brain cells. Not that touching Toby is a chore - no way, not by a long shot. Nothin' has ever felt this good -- even just lying here with my arm around him, breathing him in, it's almost too much. 'Specially now, after thinking I'd never have him again. After thinking about who else *did.* 

I turn him around to face me. "I thought you were sleeping," he says. "I heard you thinking," I tell him, closing in. "It woke me up." 

I cover his mouth with my own, extinguishing the words. He's already hard - and it's like it never was before with Beecher; I don't have to coax him or convince him the way I used to. That alone gets me over the top every time. This is a different Toby, a new one, and he makes me fuckin' crazy -- always touching me, laying his hand on my leg under the table at dinner, rubbing my ass during count. And *smiling* at me all the time - that little shit-eating grin, makes me want to toss him on the floor in front of all of Em City. And I don't even think he'd MIND. 

He pulls away, sliding down my body like he's climbing down a ladder, zooming right in on where he knows I like him best. He's under my fucking skin. And it don't matter, because he's MINE now -- everybody knows it. Nobody's gonna touch him, that's for sure, not after all that blood -- and didn't I clean it all up nice, just like the good padre asked me to? Querns is gone, and Vern'll leave Toby alone just out of gratitude for *that*. McManus and Sister Pete, they both know they've done him wrong… they'll probably bend over backwards to make it up to him, probably stick him in with Hill for the duration until he gets parole. All the loose ends, slicked up nice and tidy. It'll be my parting gift to you, Toby, when I'm gone. 

I can't help the groan, I'm too close, and his mouth is too wet and hot and *willing*... I wonder which hack is on tonight, or if they even care anymore. Shit, Toby...nobody does it like you, baby. Nobody ever has. Nobody ever will...

Because it's only a matter of time before the shit goes down. Even a hack in black like Mukada will be able to figure it out, to put two and two together and come up with *me*. And even if he don't say anything, all they have to do is lean on O'Reily a little... threaten Cyril or somethin', and O'Reily will sing like a bird. Probably make himself look clean, too. Which'll put me in solitary, at best --- and at worst? Well... 

Aww, fuck. I'm turning into YOU, aren't I Toby? My mind jabbering away, can't shut it up. It's been that way ever since I came back to this pod - OUR pod. Since I stood up against the doorframe like I was asking for permission: Let me back into your bed, into your body, into your brain, Toby. We're both so fucked up when I'm not there. 

Shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiit….. coming in your mouth, it's just like loving you, baby. Feels so good it hurts... 

He looks up, satisfied. Smiling. He knows. 


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